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Don’t Hold My Hand

I think about you every second. You are the only constant in my life. The only person I could never get bored of. The only thing that always excites me as much as it did the first time, is talking to you. I have never felt suffocated or trapped or ran out of words while talking to you.

I have always wanted to hold your hand. To wrap my arms around you and keep you safe from the wrath of the world. I wanted you to do the same too.

But, not anymore. I beg you to not hold my hand ever again. Neither figuratively nor physically. I need to learn to be by myself. That is the dire need of the hour.

And just don’t ever hold my hand physically. You have no idea what it makes me feel like. Whenever you have touched my hand or my face, I have slipped into this unknown realm where everything is just as beautiful as you. I don’t want to anymore.

Please, just don’t hold my hand ever again.

P.S. I do want you to still hold me close to you and never leave, no matter what I say.

But, don’t! Don’t Hold My Hand!

12 responses to “Don’t Hold My Hand”

  1. I feel this. Keeping yourself centered and not losing yourself. Been there. Working on that. LOL Perhaps the things you felt you had to lose were not even necessary. Maybe it just means opening up and asking questions. Maybe the person wants YOU as YOU not you as slave or lost you. Perhaps the parts you give up are the parts others need you to hold steady. If not, well, I would question that person’s role in your life.

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  2. My first thought when reading this poem is the need to stay socially distant from those we love, which has been so hard, but I suspect there is more to the story. I enjoy poems with multiple interpretations that keep us thinking. Thank you for keeping us doing just that and for stopping by my blog. 😊

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